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Did you know that around 70 million Americans suffer from a sleep disorder? And that one-third of Canadians do not get the appropriate amount of sleep? These statistics are unsettling to read, especially given how important sleep is for cognitive performance, mood, and overall health. If you're worried as you read this, don't be because our editorial team has uncovered a method that naturally induces sleep without relying on melatonin. In fact, the creators' strategy has resulted in a solution that helps people achieve total, quality sleep while eliminating the sense of a foggy brain brought on by a lack of sleep. Let's get right to it: here's everything you need to know about BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough.

What is BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough?

BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough
is a powdered sleep aid supplement. The BiOptimizers team chose to develop this formulation in order to assist people in achieving deep sleep. This involves ensuring that people can finally go asleep within minutes and remain asleep long enough to wake up feeling properly rested and energized. Also, even if one's sleep is disrupted, they should be able to fall back asleep without having any brain fog in the morning. Although melatonin supplements (designed to replicate the activity of our sleep hormone) are effective, they have two drawbacks.

First, people become dependent on it to fall asleep, and second, it will not help them stay asleep. The reason for this is that melatonin is intended to serve as a sleep regulator, whereas most people expect it to work as a sleep initiator. Another difficulty, as mentioned by BiOptimizers, is that using melatonin supplements may cause our sleep hormone to be downregulated. Downregulation increases demand for supplements, but each increment has only a minor influence on the final outcome.

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Ultimately, BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough was created to provide the body with the required precursors of melatonin. This entails choosing key ingredients that aid the body's natural production of melatonin rather than suppressing natural production. As a result, dependence becomes an unusual occurrence and people will no longer have to deal with the well-recognized "sleep hangover". Up next, we’ll dive deeper into the ingredients responsible for stimulating melatonin production.

What are the key ingredients inside BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough?

The primary drivers of BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough are none other than:

Glycine (3000mg)

Glycine is an amino acid that promotes the synthesis of serotonin (our feel-good hormone), is a constituent of collagen, and aids in the preservation of nerve signal transmission. Serotonin is considered significant in the context of BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough since it has been demonstrated to increase mood, promote sleep, improve memory and thinking, and contribute toward melatonin production. In a 2012 study that looked at the effects of glycine on daytime performance in sleep-deprived participants, those who were subjected to glycine reported improvements in fatigue, drowsiness, and performance.

Taurine (2500mg)

Taurine, like glycine, is an amino acid, however it is mostly found in the brain, eyes, heart, and muscles. Another distinction is that it is a conditionally essential amino acid, as noted on one site, which means it is only required during times of disease or stress. In actuality, its primary functions include regulating immunological response, assisting digestion, regulating minerals important for our cells, and sustaining hydration.

Bamboo Leaf Extract (350mg)

Bamboo leaf extract is often used to potentially combat cancer and thyroid issues. Though this ingredient may not have a direct effect on sleep, it may aid indirectly by regulating thyroid function. One article that went into greater detail about this relationship emphasized how thyroid health is crucial for hormone production linked to brain function, metabolism, heart rate, digestion, and the development of skin, hair, and nails. Too little or too much thyroid, in particular, can cause an imbalance in the body, altering the circadian rhythm (or our body's internal clock responsible for the sleep-wake cycle).  

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How much does BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough cost?

Each jar of BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough contains 25 servings, which will last less than a month. The following price points have been finalized for those who wish to purchase more supplies:

1 Sleep Breakthrough jar: $65 each
2 Sleep Breakthrough jars: $60 each
3 Sleep Breakthrough jars + 1 free Magnesium Breakthrough: $56 each

Meet the BiOptimizers Team

In accordance with the official website, "BiOptimizers was born from pain and passion." Wade Lightheart, the creator and president of BiOptimizers, recognized how valuable life was after his sister died of cancer at a young age. From then on, he chose to devote his time to prioritizing health. In this regard, his first task was to assist his best friend in transforming his life by setting and supporting him in achieving his weight loss goals.

Wade eventually met Matt Gallant, the CEO of BiOptimizers, while training others at the gym. Their shared love of the sport, combined with the importance they placed on health, sparked an instant bond that grew into a business relationship in 2004. After 20 years, this partnership remains committed to their original policy: “If we can’t build the best product in that category, forget about it.”

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Final Verdict

Ultimately, BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough is a supplement designed to optimize our biological functions in order to promote healthy sleep. More specifically, the ingredients in this formula either replenish inadequacies that hinder people from feeling rested or naturally encourage the production of melatonin. Our editorial team appreciated that this team avoided melatonin supplementation. While the latter can cause people to go to sleep, the chances of them staying asleep are slim. Similarly, the risk of waking up with a sleep hangover is considered significantly high, defeating the purpose of sleep and healing. Most shocking of revelations is the fact that melatonin supplementation suppresses natural melatonin production.

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